How Long Do Outdoor Lighted Business Signs Last?

How Long Do Outdoor Lighted Business Signs Last?

Outdoor lighted business signs can last for over ten years or 100,000 hours with proper installation. High-quality outdoor signage can last even longer and provide a significant return on investment by consistently displaying a business’s messaging to large amounts of people. They are low maintenance and only require occasional cleaning to remove the buildup of dirt or dust that may accumulate. Outdoor lighted business signs are a hand-off approach to advertising and can be updated remotely to effectively convey any changes in branding, products, services, deals, locations, and more that may change over time.

Are Outdoor Lighted Business Signs Waterproof?

Outdoor lighted business signs are designed to withstand and stay visible during even the harshest weather conditions. They should be tested and assembled to ensure fast delivery and maximum performance. Whether outdoor lighted business signs are under direct sunlight or rain, their high brightness will allow the vivid displays to remain clear and radiant. They are ideal for outdoor use and can remain running at all times to provide a 24/7 source of advertising for businesses.

Outdoor Lighted Business Signs With Dynamic LED

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